Best Pet-Friendly Places in Columbus, Ohio

Calling all dog parents in Columbus, Ohio! Are you tired of the same old routine with your pup? We’ve got you covered with some paw-some ideas for fun activities that will bring smiles to both you and your fur baby’s faces.

From dog-friendly breweries to delicious food spots and city exploration, Columbus has plenty to offer. Check out our guide to the best pet-friendly spots in the 614 and get ready for some paw-some adventures with your furry companion!

Best Pet-Friendly Brewery in Columbus, Ohio

In Columbus, pet-friendly places like coffee shops and restaurants usually have patios and communal water bowls for pups. But, if you want something unique for your fur baby, you’re in luck – check out these three establishments for a much cooler pet experience!


Location: Multiple locations across Columbus, Ohio

BrewDog, the pet-friendly Scottish craft brewery, is renowned for its bold and flavorful beers. While all of their Columbus locations boast pet-friendly patios, their DogTap Columbus location takes it to the next level! They host regular dog-friendly events like Yappy Hours and Dog Pawties, and even have a dedicated Dog Bar offering natural ingredient-based dog-friendly beers.

It doesn’t stop there, however!

BrewDog also offers a one-of-a-kind experience with their DogHouse Columbus Hotel. As one of the first hotels of its kind, it features BrewDog touches like in-room beer taps and shower beers. What sets it apart is that it’s also (obviously!) dog-friendly, welcoming furry friends to stay overnight with their parents. It’s the perfect destination for pet lovers who want to enjoy craft beer and pet-friendly hospitality all in one place!



Best Pet-Friendly Ice Cream Shop in Columbus, Ohio

Graeter’s Ice Cream

Location: Multiple locations across Columbus, Ohio

If you’re a proud Ohioan, you know the irresistible taste of Graeter’s ice cream! This beloved local ice cream brand, which started in the 1870s as a humble ice cream cart in Cincinnati, has become a true gem of the state. And guess what? Graeter’s has something special for your fur baby, too! Bring your dog to any Graeter’s location in Columbus and spoil them with an “ice cream” dog treat, shaped like a bone and infused with Graeter’s yummy flavors. It’s a fun and unique way to bond with your dog while you both enjoy a frozen treat.

You might also consider heading to Graeter’s on a Dog’s Night Out, a 2023 Dog Friendly Summer Event! Held from 6-9pm on the first Thursday of every month from April to September 2023, it’s a fantastic opportunity for your pup to meet and socialize with other local pups while enjoying a FREE frozen treat from Dogster™. And that’s not all! Graeter’s also offers packaged dog bones and Dogsters® Frozen Dog Treats for purchase, with profits from these purchases going to great causes. Treat your furry friend to a paw-some experience at Graeter’s Ice Cream and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Best Pet-Friendly Coffee Shop in Columbus, Ohio

Roaming Goat

Location: 849 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215

Roaming Goat is a unique dog-friendly coffee shop in Columbus, Ohio, where your pup is welcome to join you inside! Unlike many other coffee shops in the area, Roaming Goat does not require your pup to be a registered service animal in order to enjoy a cup of coffee with you indoors. As long as your pet is well-behaved, you can bring ’em along to sip on your favorite coffee or tea while they lounge comfortably by your side. The friendly staff at Roaming Goat are known for their warm hospitality towards both humans and pets alike, making it the perfect spot for coffee-loving pet parents to enjoy quality time with their dogs. They will even offer your pup some water and treats!

Best Pet-Friendly Restaurant in Columbus, Ohio


Location: 262 E Sycamore St, Columbus, OH 43206

Sycamore is a wonderful café in the heart of German Village that openly welcomes all furry friends onto their patio. Though many restaurants in Columbus allow dogs onto patios, the owners of this café have extended a warmer welcome to every furry guest. Sycamore holds a Halloween costume contest every year with prizes for the best-dressed pups. During the holiday season, they offer photo opportunities with Santa for a special keepsake for pet parents.

Dog walkers in Columbus are known to frequent this spot, making it a great place to meet other pets and their parents while enjoying a delicious meal/drink! If you aren’t looking to dine-in, however, you can grab a quick breakfast or coffee on the go by taking advantage of the drive-thru while your pup sits shotgun! The staff will be sure to offer your fur baby a treat or some water.

Enjoy A Dog-Friendly Park

The first one is Fancyburg Park, located at 3375 Kioka Ave.

One of the more pet-friendly parks in the neighborhood, this park has 25 acres of space with over 60 different varieties of trees. To say it’s scenic would be an understatement! You and your dog will love walking the short but fun trails. There are four trails, ranging from 0.33 to 0.64 miles in length— perfect for working those legs and giving your dog some quality exercise. This park is perfect for when you want some quality short and scenic time with your beloved dog.

The second park is Blendon Woods Metro Park, located at 4265 E Dublin Granville Rd.

Open early at 6:30 am and closing late in the summer at 10 pm, Blendon Woods is another excellent choice to get out and exercising with your pup! Unlike the previous park, this one has a lake and a waterfowl refuge that “provides a sanctuary for hundreds of birds, ducks, and other wildlife.” You and your pet will love seeing all the wildlife in this park. With easy trails starting at 0.6 miles to a moderately challenging path (Sugarbush) clocking in at 2 miles, there are also plenty of opportunities to give your dog some fresh air here!

The third park is Antrim Park, located at 5800 Olentangy River Rd.

Antrim, the biggest park of these three recommendations, is a sizable park at a whopping 120 acres that is surrounded by a lake and trails, which makes this park unique from the others. It provides, by far, the most space for you and your dog to have fun. One of the trail heads in this park connects to the Olentangy Trail, which connects itself with other parks in the city. It also goes through The Ohio State University. This trail provides a PAW-fect opportunity to play fetch and bond with your dog like you wouldn’t believe!




Explore A 5-Star Pet Store

One pet store we highly recommend checking out is Petland, located at 2620 Bethel Rd. 

One of the better pet stores in Columbus, Petland has a wide selection of dog foods and treats that your pet will love, all of which are natural! You can buy quality food from brands like Blue Buffalo, Science Diet, Fromm, and California Natural. Oh, and they also have lots of adorable dogs for adoption. Petland feeds these dogs quality food, grooms them daily, ensures they receive adequate socialization, and provides a complimentary first vet exam with each adoption. So, if you want to have fun with your current dog (and maybe bring another one home!), you’ll really enjoy visiting this store!

Another recommended pet store is Hollywood Feed, located at 6327 Sawmill Rd.

If you’re looking for some of the highest quality dog food and treats, look no further than Hollywood Feed. This store sells everything from standard dog food to artisan pet food that is incredibly healthy. If you want to give your dog a food upgrade, this is the place to check out!

Take a Break from Your Everyday Routine With Your Pup and Go Explore Columbus, Ohio’s Pet-Friendly Places!

We’re fortunate that there are so many PAW-some things to do in the city of Columbus, Ohio with your pup. From fun eats to cool dog stores, the above places are some of the best we’ve discovered as Columbus, Ohio pet sitters. If you do choose to go explore (which, we hope you do!), comment below on what your favorite place ends up being! If posting any picture-evidence on social media, be sure to use the hashtag #handsnpaws.



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