Cat Sitting

Specialized services for your puuurfect pet



Your cat is your loved one. When we agree to take care of them, we stick to our word. We’ve successfully served over 100 clients and their kitties since starting!

Easy Booking

Download & use our mobile app to create your client account and get services scheduled with us! Then whenever you’re needing services in the future, you can simply login and submit requests.

Peace of Mind

You’ll never have to worry about how your cat is doing when we’re caring for them. We send journals & pictures through our mobile app each time we come to visit!


Our team undergoes background checks and ongoing trainings that qualify us in the work we do. When you hire us, we don’t just provide a cat sitting service; we provide you with a quality experience!

Is your cat…

Super social?


Or a mix of both?

We know the spectrum is a large one, and that’s why we’re here to help! 

When you’re away, we make sure your cat is being understood, respected, and cared for in the best way possible.
Just call us the cat whisperers!

Quick Drop In

15 minutes

This service is ideal if your kitty just needs a quick visit while you’re away from home. Maybe he/she is super independent and just needs a water/food refresh and quick litter box cleaning! Either way, a team member can also provide playtime, feeding, water refresh, and anything else in this time frame upon request.


This rate applies for up to 2 cats.
Add $3 per additional cat.

Standard Drop In

30 minutes

Is your cat a little more social and wanting some pets, love, and attention? This service is great for cats who need some good quality visit time on top of playtime, feeding, water refresh, litter box cleaning, and anything else requested.

Receive our Vacation Discount if requesting ten or more consecutive days of visits. ($18.50/drop in)


This rate applies for up to 2 cats.
Add $3 per additional cat.

Long Drop In

50-60 minutes

This service is perfect if your cat is super social and needing some extra love and attention while you’re away! A team member will provide playtime, feeding, water refresh, litter box cleaning, and anything else requested. We’re happy to help devote any time to your furry one up to an hour’s visit length- just ask!

Receive our Vacation Discount if requesting seven or more days of consecutive days of visits. ($22/drop in)


This rate applies for up to 2 cats.
Add $3 per additional cat.


We have answers!

What if I have a dog/dogs that need cared for too?

This service is for cats only. Please visit our pet sitting page here if you have both cats and dogs needing cared for.

Is there a limit to how many drop ins I can request a day?

Nope! We work to create a custom care plan for your cats, so you can request as many drop ins as you’d like.

When is the earliest/latest you could come to my home to do visits?

We operate in the field from 7AM to 10PM for cat sitting services. If you have a special request in which you’d need someone to come by outside of this time frame, we’d be happy to discuss options with you and see how we can accommodate. Just ask!

Can you perform house sitting duties while I’m away (mail collection, water plants, etc.)?

Yes! We offer complimentary house sitting duties when providing cat sitting services. So, if you’re going on vacation for instance, we’d be more than happy to complete house tasks that include and are limited to: collecting the mail, opening & closing blinds, watering any indoor/outdoor plants, and taking out & collecting garbage bins. Be sure to request any or all of these house chores in completing your profile in Precise Petcare.

Will I get the same cat sitter every time?

While we do try to match you with a primary sitter from the start, it is not possible to guarantee one person is available for services every time you schedule with us. This is why we ask that you fill out your profile in Precise Petcare very thoroughly so that anyone from the team is able to take over without trouble or confusion. Also, if an emergency were to arise with your primary sitter, we still want to be able to make it over; hence, we’ll just send out another person from the team.

Does my cat need to be fully vaccinated and up-to-date on shots for you to work with him/her?

Yes, please! This is a requirement for any pets we work with so as to prevent risks if a sitter were to get scratched or bitten.


Hands N Paws is Columbus, Ohio’s trusted in-home pet care company providing custom services to pets and peace of mind to their parents. We are advocates for pets to stay in the comforts of their own home while you’re away- no kennel or boarding offered.

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