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How do I get started?

We utilize an online software system, called Precise Petcare, for all client management purposes at Hands N Paws— adding personal/pet information, requesting services, viewing billing history, etc. Steps on how to create your new client account are as follows:

 1. Click on “Book Now” at the top right corner of our website, or manually go to www.myhandsnpaws.petssl.com

2. Once there, click on “Create a New Account”

3. Enter your “New Account Information” (name, email, & password)

4. Provide a signature on our Policy Agreement and click “Agree and Submit”

5. Now, you are on your Personal Dashboard. Please adhere to your notifications in the upper-right hand corner of the page:

1. Under Petcare, complete in-detail “My Info”

2. Under Petcare, complete in-detail “My Pets”

3. Under Billing, complete “My Billing Info”

4. Under Scheduling, click “My Schedule” and “Request Service” (blue tab on right-hand side of page)

5. Make sure to schedule your FREE Meet N Greet (we would like to meet you and yours before we begin working together!)

Do you have an app?

Yes! Our company software, Precise Petcare, is available for download on the App Store (click here) and Google Play (click here).

We highly recommend that you download the app on your phone for real-time visit notifications and access to your portal at the touch of your finger.

How do I pay for services?
All services are to be paid for via credit/debit card in Precise Petcare, our company software. We accept all major cards. For non-weekly clients, billing occurs as soon as services have been approved. For weekly clients, billing occurs every Saturday at midnight. These invoices reflect all accepted, completed, cancelled, and in-progress visits within a 7-day time frame. Digital receipts are sent via email immediately after billing occurs.
Do I get to meet my sitter first?

Yes! Each new client receives a complimentary Meet N Greet when they schedule services with us in Precise Petcare. A Meet N Greet takes place in the pet owner’s home, where the sitter can come to meet and get to know the pets, go over care routines, etc. Meet N Greets are 30 minutes max. Any Meet N Greet requested after one for each client is charged a fee of $12.

How do I communicate with my sitter while I’m away?

All client-sitter communication takes place in Precise Petcare, our company software. Our sitters leave Journal Reports at the end of every visit/service they conduct with your pet(s). Once journals are completed and emailed by the sitter, the client should receive it as an email/push notification on their phone (if PPC app is downloaded). The client can then leave comments on journals, in which sitters and HNP management can respond accordingly.

Can I ever have my sitter’s phone number?
No. It is company policy that sitters and clients do NOT exchange phone numbers with each other. Phone numbers are personal and sitter’s have specific work hours. All client-sitter communication takes place in Precise Petcare (see question above for more details).
What are your hours?

Our office hours are Monday through Friday 9AM – 6PM, and Saturday 11AM – 4PM. We are closed on Sundays and all Federal holidays. These hours apply to our office ONLY. We are in the field doing visits every day of the year and between the hours of 6AM – 10PM. However, if you attempt to communicate with the office outside of business hours, you will be promptly responded to when the office next opens.

How long are pet visits?

Service visits can range anywhere from 10-60 minutes. Please refer to our Services page for more information on service details, visit durations, and pricing.

Are there any additional costs/fees involved?

Nope! However, our Policy Agreement states that clients are fully responsible for any costs incurred while their pets are under our care. These costs can be incurred due to: veterinary visits, emergency needs, obtaining extra dog food/treats, etc.

Another reason for an additional fee might be if a client requests a Meet N Greet beyond the one complimentary greet given to each new client. The fee for additional Meet N Greets is $12 each.

For any incurred costs/fees, clients will be billed on the next billing period.

What is your cancellation policy?

When you’ve booked services with us, we’ve likely turned down other clients so as devote our time to you and your pets.

Our policy below applies to the entire reservation invoice amount.

Vacation/Pet Sitting Booking:

  • Full refund is issued as Account Credit if cancellation is made at least 7 days prior to booking date (14 days prior to Federal holidays).
  • A 50% refund is issued as Account Credit if cancellation is made at least 48 hours prior to booking date (7 days prior to Federal holidays).
  • No refund is issued if cancellation is made without at least 48 hours notice.

Daily/Weekly Dog Walking:

  • 100% refund is issued as Account Credit if cancellation is made at least 24 hours prior to booking date.
Are you licensed, insured, and bonded?

Yes. We are a pet care company that prides itself in being fully professional. Our team members are thoroughly trained and take courses in Pet CPR & First Aid. Please ask us for proof of licensing and insurance if you so wish!

Are you a kennel or boarding service?

No. We are an in-home pet care company, meaning that we come to your home to care for your pets. We do not offer kennel or boarding services because we believe that pets are happier and more comfortable being in their own homes anyways.

Don’t see your question above?

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Hands N Paws is Columbus, Ohio’s trusted in-home pet care company providing custom services to pets and peace of mind to their parents. We are advocates for pets to stay in the comforts of their own home while you’re away- no kennel or boarding offered.

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Office Hours

Monday – Friday 9AM—6PM

Saturday 11AM—4PM

Closed on Sundays and all Federal Holidays


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