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Hands N Paws started in March of 2018 in Bexley, Ohio when I (Benny DiFranco, CEO & Founder) was in my second year of college.

Going away for school was one of the hardest transitions for me to make in life, simply because it meant leaving my mom.

Growing up, I struggled to make friends in school, and often found myself trying so hard to fit-in. I was raised by a single mom who was the best mom and friend I could have ever asked for. She worked hard at parenthood, and also in her full-time job to make ends meet. At times when I felt defeated about school and making friends, my mom would remind me that I always “belonged” with her. She was (and is) my rock.

I will never forget the day I moved away for my first year of college in August of 2015. I was excited to begin the next chapter of my life, but sad knowing I’d be away from my mom for the first time. On that day, I realized that my mom (and home) was where I always felt the greatest sense of belonging. Now that I’d be away from home, I’d have to face the challenge of fitting-in again, and essentially finding my home away from home.

In my second year at school, I started working for a large, corporate pet sitting company. Working with animals is where I discovered my sense of belonging again. This is what became my home away from home.

I started Hands N Paws in 2018 on the very basis that I wanted to show pet-parents that my passion is deeply rooted in who I am and who I’ve always been as person.

In today’s advanced world, pet-parents can find a pet sitter at the touch of a button and within minutes…

Hands N Paws grounds itself in being a company with core values that align with the needs of pets and pet-parents alike. For me, it’s not about providing a pet care service; it’s about delivering value to the pets in our care and peace of mind to their parents while they’re away.

Since starting, Hands N Paws has expanded to cover nearly all of Franklin County, Ohio and has serviced nearly 100 pet-parents (and lots of pets!) in counting.

Moving forward, I believe that Hands N Paws can continue to make an impact in the pet care industry by showing pet-parents that we truly and genuinely care about them and their fur kids… and it all starts with a strong company-owner.

Our Leadership Team

Benny DiFranco

Benny DiFranco

Team Leader

Hello! I’m Benny, HNP’s Team Leader. I am a firm believer that the world is a better place because of animals! I have a long history with dogs, both as an owner and in a professional capacity. I grew up in a very dog-loving family and always loved taking care of ours when I was a little kid. At 12 years old I started helping, family, friends, and neighbors care for their pets when they’d go away. I started my professional work in 2017 with a corporate pet sitting company. My hobbies include going to karaoke with friends, working out, going on coffee runs, and meeting new people.


Hands N Paws is Columbus, Ohio’s trusted in-home pet care company providing custom services to pets and peace of mind to their parents. We are advocates for pets to stay in the comforts of their own home while you’re away- no kennel or boarding offered.

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