Record Points

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What are record points?

Record points are penalty points added to work records if/when an individual team member does something they are “not supposed to.” We use the “not supposed to” loosely because technically, there are no requirements that pet care techs MUST follow… just best practices. Our best practices, however, are in place for a reason and if there is ever a strong deviation from these recommendations, we give record points as a way to protect our customer experience. All the means by which record points are given are detailed below.

How does the record point system work?

The goal is to NOT gain any points on your work record. Points are a disciplinary measure. If points total 3 within a single quarter, then the team member will be suspended from any and all of our platforms for a month, and therefore unable to accept anymore assignments. The pet care tech can then re-join our platform (Precise Petcare) at the end of the month and begin to accept assignments again. He or she will be notified of this via email. After their month suspension is up, their points will reset back to zero. At the end of each quarter (3-month period), regardless, points reset to zero.

Quarters in a year:

  • ❄️ Jan, Feb, March (Q1)
  • 🌷 April, May, June (Q2)
  • ☀️ July, Aug, Sept (Q3)
  • 🍂 Oct, Nov, Dec (Q4)

Once a team member rejoins Precise Petcare after getting suspended, he or she will have to maintain a clean work record for the first month back. If they obtain any work infractions during that first month, they will be suspended yet again for another month.

If a team member gets suspended three times total during the course of their employment, he or she will be removed from our platform permanently and therefore unable to return to working Hands N Paws.

How can I find out how many record points I have?

Record points are kept on a spreadsheet in an admin’s Google folder. If you are curious about if and/or how many points you may have on your record, please reach out to an admin in Slack.

What do you give record points for?

Below are instances in which you can be given record points and the amount of points you would receive for each instance.

You receive 1 (one) record point if you:

  • Ask for coverage for your assigned shifts at least twice in a single quarter (for non-emergency purposes).
  • Do not follow client notes exactly as they’re detailed (we check journals to find out), whether that’s in a client’s/pet’s profile notes, a service box note, or a note left on counter!
  • Do not submit a journal report to a client after a completed assignment (one point for every journal not submitted right away).
  • Cut a service length short by any amount of time.
  • Arrive to an assignment 5-15 mins outside of the scheduled appointment window.
  • Say that you aren’t available for any assignments you’ve been assigned when your availability detailed in Precise Petcare indicates otherwise (one point per assignment).

You receive 2 (two) record points if you:

  • Back out of accepted assignments, try to find coverage, and are unsuccessful.
  • Arrive to an assignment 15-30 mins outside of the scheduled appointment window.

You receive 3 (three) record points if you:

  • Back out of accepted assignments and don’t try to find alternative help (“no show,” in other words).
  • Arrive to an assignment more than 30 mins outside of the scheduled appointment window.

Are there any exceptions to the rule?

There are certain instances in which points would not be added to your record. These are emergency instances in which the circumstances are entirely out of your control. Should any of the following occur, it is best to reach out to management ASAP via Slack so we can assess the situation.

  • 🚗 Transportation emergencies – Experiencing car emergencies (breaking down, traffic accident, flat tire, etc.) at before or in the middle of your workday, leaving you unable to arrive to your assignment(s) on time or unable to arrive at all.
  • 🤒 Severe illness/injury – Suddenly becoming sick or injured to the point where you are unable to work safely.
  • 🚨 Family emergency – Loss or sudden illness of a family member.

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