Precise Petcare: Introduction

Precise Petcare is a third-party software that all Hands N Paws workers use in order to:

  • Access and manage their work schedules
  • Submit and manage their work availabilities
  • View client & pet notes for completing assignments properly
  • Communicate with clients once they complete services
  • Run and view their pay reports

In summary, the different tabs/sections in a pet sitter account include:

  • Dashboard
  • My Schedule – Where you can add work to your schedule, view your work schedule, and more!
  • My Availability – Where you can submit your work availability. 
  • Client Profiles – Where you can access all assigned client information.
  • Pet Profiles – Where you can access all assigned pet information.
  • Payroll – Where you can view a breakdown of your personal payroll reports.
  • Messages – Where you can be in direct communication with clients.
  • My Account – Where you can change your account settings.

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