You Still Need a Dog Walker When Working From Home

We all know how exciting it can be to work from home. You get to stay in your pajamas and take things easy on yourself. Better yet, you get to be home with your dog all day. We know your furry one wouldn’t want to have it any other way either.

The moment your dog starts thinking, “Yay! My human is home to play with me today,” you head to your computer and start getting some work done. After all, the luxury of staying home to work still requires that you have to work!

Disappointed, your pup walks himself over to the other room and plops onto the floor to nap.

An hour or so passes, and your pup decides he just can’t take it anymore; so he’s going to attempt to get your attention to play.

One can only guess what happens when you mix an excited dog with a preoccupied dog parent— the dog parent starts to get annoyed and yells at the pup, “Go lay down; I’m busy!”

Your dog then starts barking back because he thinks you’re playing. Soon enough, he gets the idea and starts whimpering. 

While there are many benefits to working in the company of your dog, it never ends up being a good scenario for either party if you don’t have time to actually focus on your dog. That’s why when you’re busy working from home, you should have a dog walker come by to help. We understand why it might seem unnecessary to do this, but it’s truly just as appropriate as if you were gone and at the office all day. 


Your dog thrives on routined exercise!

When you decide to not have someone come by to walk the dog on your “day off,” it can honestly be more defective than not having someone come by when you are away from home and at work. This is because your dog associates you being home with “playtime with my human.” 

When you’re working outside of the home, your dog has nobody to bother; so he decides to sleep (or in some cases, be destructive and bark). Regardless, your dog needs a steady routine that’s going to fulfill his exercise needs of 30 to 60 minutes per day. You thrive too when your dog is content, since he then won’t be barking in your ear all day for attention.

Your dog instinctively anticipates the “social hour”

Dogs naturally love the outdoors. The various scents, the soundscape, and the overall outside experience are what keeps your dog healthy and feeling alive. When you decide to cancel dog walks is when things go haywire. Your dog needs daily socialization or he might start to inhibit anti-social tendencies and behaviors. Most importantly, if you absolutely cannot find the time to walk your dog for yourself, that doesn’t mean forget about the activity altogether. 

Let’s put it this way:

A baby who is never around other children and thus, doesn’t learn how to socialize with other human beings, is going to naturally struggle in future social settings. This could manifest in the form of social anxiety and anti-social behaviors that hinder the growth and development of the individual.

It’s the same idea with your pup! 

Instead of adding another thing to your to-do list while at home, however, consider hiring a dog walker. This could be greatly beneficial because it means your dog is establishing a third-party relationship to enhance his social life experiences.

Your dog will be content & worn out 

When you’re working from home, you might find yourself thinking that you can take care of it all. Then eventually, you’ll realize it’s just not possible to juggle all the balls at once. Your dog will bark and want to play with you; and worst-case scenario, he’ll jump up on your lap and spill your coffee or tea while you’re working on your computer! We all know bad things happen then; and some adult words might be said.

You can’t juggle all the balls at once

If you’re taking on more than you can handle as a pet parent, it’s going to be a struggle to get things done in other areas of your life. If you are a busy professional who works from home, you might think hiring a dog walker is simply pointless.

This can’t be further from the truth.

By hiring a dog walker, your dog will get the energy release he needs in order to stay content when he’s at home with you. 

Your work demands your full attention and focus. Don’t let yourself get in a bind because of your pup’s unmet needs. Instead, do both you and your pup a favor and hire a dog walker to come by. In turn, you and your furry one will get exactly what you both deserve— more peace of mind.

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