What should I do in life-threatening emergencies?

For any emergency situations that arise while you are caring for pets with Hands N Paws, remember to trust your instinct and call 911 as necessary. Calling the office should be the last person of contact in true/life-threatening emergency situations. You should call 911 first, figure out whether to transport pet to emergency vet, call the Hands N Paws office- if outside of business hours, call the CEO. We will call the client from there to inform them of what’s going on.

Numbers to call: Hands N Paws office – (614) 636-6644; CEO – (216) 337-4263

What do I do if a pet ingested a toxic substance?

Examples of toxic substances include, but are not limited to: medication, toxic foods, cleaning chemicals, fertilizer, sidewalk salt, and antifreeze.

  • Check for signs of immediate medical crisis: panting, stumbling, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, etc. 
  • In serious situations, in which pet is unconscious for example, call 911 then call management right away (office #) 
  • Transport pet to emergency/nearest vet

What do I do if a pet gets stung by a bee?

  • Call management immediately (office #)
  • Use a credit card to remove the stinger from the skin. Do not use tweezers, which could squeeze out more venom into the skin
  • Gently apply a cold compress to the area to help with swelling
  • May need to administer an antihistamine (at management’s instruction and client’s availability)
  • Possibly transport pet to emergency/nearest vet

What do I do if a pet is suffering from heat stroke?

Signs of overheating/heat stroke include rapid panting, red tongue, thick saliva, diarrhea, and vomiting.

  • Provide cold water (splash on body)
  • Cool body down with a cold washcloth
  • Allow the pet to rest in a cool place (if on a walk- shade or grass; if at home- indoors)
  • Encourage/lightly force small sips of water
  • Call management (office #)
  • Possibly transport pet to emergency/nearest vet

What do I do if the dog I’m walking gets into a dog fight?

First, keep your body in mind. The way you present yourself during a dog fight is huge! Dogs can mimic and pick up on the energy that humans present, so you’ll definitely wanna make sure your energy is calm and assertive. Remind the dog of who’s in charge and be quick to enforce.

Most importantly, make sure that you physically stay out of the line of fire. We know it may be instinctual to wanna physically intervene to try and break up a fight; but that could result in you getting attacked as well.

It is best practice to use all the three steps below in the order they are given. In some instances, you may only need one or two of the steps to successfully break-up a dog fight. Either way, it’s most helpful to implement all steps and in the order they are detailed in.

  1. Distractions are your friend!

When fights are occurring, use the following techniques to distract dogs from continuing to fight. 

  • Make a loud noise – yell (to call for help too!), scream, say “hey!” really loudly, or screech your voice.
  • Use commands that the pet you’re caring for knows – make sure to check client’s profile ahead of time so that you know them and can use them off the top of your head in instances like this!
  • If you have water with you (in company water bottle), dump water on dogs.
  • Throw a towel, jacket, sweatshirt, or any “cover-type” material on dogs to prevent them from seeing each other!

Should the use of distractions be successful and as soon as dogs stop, proceed to next step – separate dogs by use of objects ONLY.

  1. Separate dogs with objects!

This method is only really effective if at client’s home and surrounded by objects for immediate use. If you are on a walk, use nearest objects in sight (see below). Regardless, when using this technique, please make sure hands and face are as far away from the dogs’ mouths as possible!

Objects to use include:

  • Garbage can
  • Garbage can lid
  • Piece of plywood
  • Babygate
  • Chair

Should the use of objects be successful in separating dogs, proceed to next step – physically separate dogs using your body/hands.

  1. Separate dogs with your hands!

Once you successfully get an object in between dogs to separate them, you can safely attempt to physically separate dogs with the wheelbarrow method. This can only be used effectively when there are as many people present as dogs. Be sure to communicate the method to ALL human parties involved so that they can cooperate. See steps below.

Wheelbarrow Method:

  1. Have each person grab a single dog by the hind legs.
  2. Lift the dog up so they are balancing on front legs (quickly so that you don’t risk them trying to bite you!).
  3. Start walking backwards away from other dogs involved.
  4. Walk a good distance away from other dogs and wait a few seconds before letting dog back down on all fours so that they are desensitized and don’t try biting you!

Once you’ve broken up a dog fight, seek medical help!

There are few other things you can try to break up a fight as well:

  • During fights, quickly determine which dog is the aggressor vs which one is the victim. Focus on the aggressor or one with higher intensity levels. Then, give that dog the right touch or kick in the ribcage area to get them to become submissive and loosen any grip or fixation on the other dog.
  • With aggressor, you can also locate and grab collar from behind and pull up. DO NOT grab collar from front area as that could put you at risk for getting hurt/bit.

If and when the dog fighting stops, follow the steps below.

  1. Assess pet for injuries/signs of injury. 
    1. If injuries are minor- signs of minor pain- call the vet! Provide all detailed information so they can address problems properly.
    2. If injuries are major- profuse bleeding, open wounds, broken bones, difficulty breathing- tie a clean-cloth compress over wound to apply pressure and slow bleeding and allow clotting. Rush the pet to the nearest emergency vet! Provide all detailed information so they can address problems properly.
  2. Contact the team via Slack to inform them of everything and allow management to contact the client. Management might also re-assign any future appointments you have on schedule that day so that you can take your time at the vet’s office.
  3. Be calm and breathe. You did the very best that you could with the resources available to you.

The best thing you can do, so that you don’t find yourself in the midst of trying to break up a dog fight, is simply be proactive about preventing a dog fight from occurring.

One way you can be the most proactive is by avoiding other (strange) dogs while you’re out on walks, even if someone tries approaching you and the dog your walking, stating that their dog is dog-friendly. In this case, respond with “I’m sorry, I’m the dog walker and don’t wanna take any risks with this dog (dog you’re walking); you’re not sure how they would act towards another dog”. 

To be extra precautious, as soon you notice another dog and its walker approaching you from a distance, turn and walk in a different direction and avoid the stimulus altogether. That way, you won’t have to worry about explaining anything.*If a stray dog approaches you on walks and you have no control over it, be calm and assertive. Use commands and tell the dog “no, stay away” or “no, stay”. Don’t be scared to be authoritative to let the dog know who’s in charge. Plus, that kind of energy may make the dog fearful and not wanna continue approaching.

What do I do if I am bitten by a dog?

The most important thing to remember is to act quick when you do get bit. The risk of infection is high if you wait to implement any recovery steps. Regardless, the team is here to help guide you through recovery, manage the wound, and will follow up with you to ensure you are recovering properly. If you are bitten by a dog, follow these steps:

  1. Quickly move to a safe area where you can distance yourself from the dog. If you are out on a walk with the dog that bit you, you may need to return to the client’s home to create a safe distance between you and the dog.
  2. If the bite is severe (large wound, lots of bleeding), call 911, then management.
  3. If the bite is minor and easily treatable, contact management about the bite immediately via Slack.
  4. Take photos of the injury as soon after the bite as you can (to send ONLY to management)
  5. After the fact, keep note of how your the bite is healing each day and relay this info to management.

The best thing you can do to prevent from getting bitten by a dog is to be aware of temperaments, body language, and situations that could lead to a dog lashing out and biting. If the visible signs below are present in the situations that follow, then it’s certain that a dog is going to bite. If the visible signs are NOT present, however, it’s still very possible that the situations alone may lead to biting.

Visible signs:

  • Temperament: shy, timid, fearful, aggressive
  • Body language: cowering, flattened ears, tail tucked, growling, shaking, hair raised along spine


  • When they’re defending themselves or their territory (i.e. food, toys, or anything a dog has in its mouth).
  • When they’re injured or sore.
  • When they’re ill.
  • When they’re sleeping.
  • When they’ve never met you before (i.e. wary of strangers).
  • When they’re approached surprisingly from behind.
  • When they’re approached intimidatingly from above.

To prevent bites, do NOT:

  • Attempt to grab anything from a dog’s mouth.
  • Touch a dog when it’s sleeping; instead, call its name aloud or hold a treat close to its nose

What do I do if I cant get into a client’s home?

There have been a handful of instances where sitters have been unable to get into a client’s home. This can happen when the lockbox isn’t working properly, the key is missing, the door/garage keypad has no power, or the client isn’t home to let the sitter in when they’re usually home during services. In any case, here are some things to try in order to get into a client’s home:

  • Double-check client profile notes to make sure you understand their home access instructions and are following them as written
  • Try knocking or ringing the doorbell to see if someone is home to let you in
  • Try other points of entry for their home. For example, if the front door keypad code isn’t working, try the same code for the garage keypad. Or, if you can’t unlock the front door, try the side or back door. Be careful not to use too much force to open a door, we don’t want to break anything in the client’s home!
  • If you’ve tried all options, reach out to management on Slack. From there, they can contact the client directly to figure out the best way to enter their home!

What do I do if a pet runs out of essential supplies (food, meds, litter, etc.)?

While it rarely happens, you may notice while caring for a pet that they are low on supplies they need, and that you will run out before the client returns home. If you notice a pet is out of something that is easily purchased at a retail store, like food or litter, then do the following:

  1. Double-check closets and cabinets, maintaining respect of the client’s home, to make sure there is none left
  2. Inform the team via Slack that [pet] is out of/low on [item]
  3. From there, management will reach out to the client to confirm the exact item and confirm that there is no more of the item in their home.
  4. Then, arrangements may need to be made for you or another sitter to purchase more of the item. If this is the case:
    1. Head to the nearest pet store/grocery store for the item when your schedule allows
    2. Purchase the item
    3. Take a photo of the receipt and send to management
    4. Take the item to the client’s home as soon as you can

If you notice a pet is out of/running low on medication, do the following:

  1. Inform the team via Slack that [pet] is out of/low on [meds] AS SOON AS YOU ARE AWARE
  2. From there, management will reach out to the client to confirm the medication and to contact the vet about refilling the prescription
  3. Then, arrangements will need to be made for you or another sitter to pick up the medication from the pet’s vet office. Keep in contact with management to be given further details on how to proceed.

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Should any of Client’s pets require emergency veterinary treatment, Hands N Paws will treat pets first and foremost, then make all reasonable efforts to contact Client and/or emergency contacts provided. Regardless, the Team Member on-site holds the right to take appropriate action to help all pets, including obtaining veterinary care. Client authorizes Hands N Paws to transport pet(s) to and from a veterinary clinic for treatment and/or to request “on-site” treatment if deemed necessary. Client authorizes Hands N Paws to make treatment decisions on their behalf (with the information available) for any treatment excluding euthanasia, especially if Client is not reachable and/or it’s a life-threatening emergency that calls for immediate action. Client agrees to pay any and all veterinary fees that result from this action.
Client also agrees to release Hands N Paws from any and all liability that may arise as a result of damage to property and/or injury to/death of pets that occurs outside of the Team Member’s control.
Client will also be held responsible for injury and/or damage caused to Team Member(s) as a result of previously undisclosed aggression in any of Client’s pets.



All pets are to be vaccinated and licensed as required by local laws and ordinances. Please visit the Ohio State Bar Association’s website for more details on these items by going to https://www.ohiobar.org/public-resources.
Please also check with your veterinarian for details on what vaccinations/shots your pet is required to have.
In the interest of safety, all dogs and cats are encouraged to have an ID tag or collar that states their name and a contact number while a Hands N Paws Team Member is working with them.



All Team Members will need guaranteed access to Clients’ homes during scheduled services. Client agrees to purchase a lockbox and place spare house key(s) inside the box for Team Members to use for accessing the home.
Please visit our website at www.myhandsnpaws.com and click Buy Your Lockbox to locate the proper lockbox for purchase.
Once received, lockboxes are to be programmed with a unique four-digit code and placed on a main door handle to Client’s home (or other secure place). Client is then required to enter their lockbox code and location information in his/her client account by logging in to Precise Petcare and going to Petcare > My Info > Home Access.
Client may also elect to provide a code for entry via garage door or electronic keypad. In this case, Client is responsible for entering all necessary codes in Precise Petcare.
Regardless, a lockbox is strongly encouraged to be purchased so as to avoid situations where power might go out, batteries to keypads die, and/or keys hidden under outside objects are not found, etc. Lockboxes guarantee that Team Members are able to access pets at all times during scheduled services.



It is strongly discouraged that Team Members and Clients exchange phone numbers with each other in working together. Phone numbers are personal and Team Members have specific work hours.
Clients should direct all communications with Team Members in our app, Precise Petcare. Both parties can communicate via submitted journal reports, which Team Members send after completion of all services with pets. More information on this can be found by visiting our client support page at www.myhandsnpaws.com/client-support.
For any pressing/non-emergency communications, Clients are advised to call our office number at (614) 636-6644. Office hours are Monday through Friday 9am-5pm. We are closed on Saturdays, Sunday, and Federal Holidays.
PLEASE NOTE: Office hours differ from fieldwork hours. Office hours are the times in which we provide client support via answering phones, emails, etc. Fieldwork hours are the times in which we offer services/are working in the field with pets. Our fieldwork hours are 7am-10pm (and overnights), 365 days a year.



Clients are NOT allowed to request that Team Members “ignore the cat” when providing care for other animals in households that have multiple pets. Regardless of the cat’s disposition, personality, or levels of need, Hands N Paws Team Members must provide some kind of attention and care to the cat during scheduled services. Similarly, Client must create a pet profile for the cat(s) and provide care notes accordingly.


Our Team Members can only perform services correctly if they are equipped with the correct (and most up to date) pet care information. You will only be allowed to request services on the basis that pet and personal profiles are updated every 6 months (at minimum). Any Client who attempts to request services at the 6 month mark will receive an error message letting them know that they cannot submit a request if they haven’t made updates to their profiles. If there is nothing to update at the 6 month mark, simply reword a current piece of information and click Save at the bottom of the page.


Client acknowledges that arrival times for services occur within a two-hour period. It is NOT possible for Team Members to arrive at exact times. This is why time frames appear, rather than exact times, in the dropdown menu when selecting a time for the service(s).
Client agrees to requesting services in the two-hour time frames offered.



For detailed descriptions on our services, please visit our website at www.myhandsnpaws.com.

Dog Walking
*Rates below apply for up to 2 dogs; add $7 per additional dog
QUICK WALK – 20 mins – $22
STANDARD WALK – 30 mins – $25
LONG WALK – 45 mins – $35

Pet Sitting
*Rates below apply for up to 2 pets; add $7 per additional pet
QUICK VISIT – 20 mins – $22
STANDARD VISIT – 30 mins – $25
LONG VISIT – 45 mins – $35

Cat Sitting
*Rates below apply for up to 2 cats; add $7 per additional cat
QUICK VISIT – 20 mins – $22
STANDARD VISIT – 30 mins – $25
LONG VISIT – 45 mins – $35
Overnight Stay (8-10 hrs) – $80

*Rate applies for up to 2 pets; add $10 per additional pet.




A $20 surcharge is added to each service that is scheduled on the following Federal Holidays: New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve.



Upon submitting service request(s), Client will be informed as to whether Hands N Paws can take on the requested work via a confirmation or declination email/notification. Client understands that there is NO guarantee that any/all service requests can be approved; it simply just depends on Team Member availability. Clients are encouraged to submit all service requests as far in advance as possible!



Client understands and accepts the Company same day service request policy as outlined below:
– A $10 convenience fee is added to each service if requested (and approved) with 24 hours or less notice before service(s) is scheduled to occur.
– A $20 convenience fee is added to each service if requested (and approved) with 12 hours or less notice before service(s) is scheduled to occur.
– A $30 convenience fee is added to each service if requested (and approved) with 6 hours or less notice before service(s) is scheduled to occur.



Client understands and accepts the Company out-of-service-area request policy as outlined below:
– A $10 (minimum) convenience fee is added to each service if requested outside of our current service area.
Please note, this amount is subject to increase depending on how far a client lives outside of our current service area.




Client understands and accepts the Company service change request policy as it applies to time frames as outlined below:

If Client submits a service change request, there may be a same-day applicable fee should the change be approved. Technically, changing a service time frame equates to cancelling one service and requesting a brand new one. With that, Hands N Paws assesses the change as it relates to our same-day policy detailed above.

If the change is requested (and approved) with 24 hours or less notice before service is newly scheduled to occur, the original service is canceled (same-day) and there is a $10 convenience fee added onto the “new service” base rate.

If the change is requested (and approved) with 12 hours or less notice before service is newly scheduled to occur, the original service is canceled (same-day) and there is a $20 convenience fee added onto the “new service” base rate.

If the change is requested (and approved) with 6 hours or less notice before service is newly scheduled to occur, the original service is canceled (same-day) and there is a $30 convenience fee added onto the “new service” base rate.




All meet n greets are FREE (and required as part of proper client onboarding) for first-time Clients. To the extent that Clients wish to schedule additional meet n greets, after their first free one, they will be charged $50 per meet n greet.

To schedule a first-time meet n greet (for new clients), please go to www.myhandsnpaws.com and click Get Started.

To schedule additional meet n greets (for current clients), please log in to your client account, go to My Schedule > Request Service and select Meet N Greet in the service dropdown.



All services are to be paid for via credit/debit card. We accept all major cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover). Card information can be added securely to each client account.

For services scheduled as ongoing, you will be auto-charged every Friday evening for the previous 7 days worth of work on schedule, including completed, canceled, and in-progress services.

For services NOT scheduled as ongoing, the day your services are accepted and confirmed is the day you will be charged 50% of your invoice total (as downpayment). Your invoice will be sent to you immediately. You have from then until the date of the last confirmed service to pay your invoice manually. If you choose to not pay manually, your remaining total will be auto-paid (via card on file) on the evening of the last service day.

If any auto-charges are declined, you will be notified immediately. In the first declined attempt, we give you a 24-hour grace period to correct the issue. In the second declined attempt, a late fee of 10% of the invoice total ($10 minimum) will be added. Please look out for emails regarding overdue notices.

Credit cards are required to be added to and remain on file in order for Clients to request any services with Hands N Paws.

Hands N Paws will be paid the amount discussed with no exceptions other than if our Cancellation Policy (outlined below) applies and Client receives a refund in either the form of Account Credit(s), or in emergency circumstances as transferable credit(s) back to their card.

Client may be charged additional fees if Team Members are instructed to, or sees the need to, purchase items for the pet while under Company care, including but not limited to: pet food or treats, litter or cleaning supplies, transportation to the vet and/or emergency expenses for general care of pet(s). Hands N Paws will retain and share receipts as proof of purchase.




When Client schedules services with Hands N Paws, the Company has likely turned down other work so as to devote our time to the work requested from said Client.

Client understands and accepts the Company cancellation/refund policy as outlined below:

– 100% refund is issued as Account Credit if cancellation is made at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled service(s).

– 50% refund is issued as Account Credit if cancellation is made at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled service(s).

– NO refund is issued for same-day cancellations/less than 24 hour notice.

PLEASE NOTE: Refunds are NOT transferable. Should you be eligible to receive an Account Credit (based on terms above), that will be auto-added to your account and applied to your very next invoice with us.



Hands N Paws agrees to provide the services stated in this contract in a reliable, caring, and trustworthy manner. In consideration of these services and as an express condition thereof, Client expressly waives and relinquishes any and all claims against Hands N Paws arising out of or relating to the provision of services hereunder, except those arising from gross negligence or willful misconduct on part of Hands N Paws.

Client understands and acknowledges that the environment in which they are requesting Hands N Paws to complete services is reasonably sanitary and safe. We assess home conditions during initial meet n greets. If we determine home conditions to be unsanitary and/or unsafe, we will make it clear to the Client that we cannot pursue a working relationship.

Should a Team Member sustain any injury, disease, or other harm in the course of providing services hereunder, the Client will indemnify Hands N Paws and hold it harmless with respect to all loss, expense, and damage caused thereby, except those arising from gross negligence or willful misconduct on part of Hands N Paws.

Client understands and acknowledges that he/she is responsible for letting Hands N Paws know of anyone who has access to their home and agrees to not contract with any other company and/or care provider during the duration of services booked with Hands N Paws. Client releases and holds Hands N Paws harmless of all loss, expense, and damage caused by anyone entering the Client’s home with their permission or access given to others during the terms of services rendered.




This contract will take effect upon digital signature by Client (clicking “Agree & Submit” below) and will remain in effect until terminated by either party. Client may make online reservations for additional services at any time during the terms of this contract, as subject to Hands N Paws availability. All scheduled services will be governed by all the terms of this contract. We appreciate as much advance notice as possible for the work, but will make every effort possible to accommodate all requests.

Either party may terminate this contract at any time by written notice to the other. Hands N Paws is entitled to payment for all services rendered until notice of termination is received and for any transition services reasonably required to provide for the health and welfare of Client’s pet(s). Hands N Paws will not terminate during a period of scheduled service unless Hands N Paws determines, at their sole discretion, that a serious danger exists to the health or safety of a Team Member or pet. If such concerns preclude Hands N Paws from providing further care for the pet(s), Client agrees to pay for their pet to be boarded at a boarding facility or taken under the care of another party until Client returns. Every attempt will be made to notify Client and/or emergency contacts regarding such situations.

Client acknowledges that by signing below, he/she is providing written approval for the provision of services by Hands N Paws during any service period scheduled by Client and confirmed by Hands N Paws. Upon such scheduling and approval, Hands N Paws will be authorized to enter Client premises and perform services without additional signed contracts and/or written authorizations




I, Client, have reviewed this Client Agreement in its entirety. I will promptly complete all parts of my client account in Precise Petcare, and the information I provide will be detailed and accurate. My electronic signature here will indicate that I am agreeing to all the terms and conditions of this contract, exactly as they are outlined above.