7 Reasons You Need a Cat Sitter in Columbus, OH

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Although we might want to, most of us can’t stay home with our feline friends all day. Whether it’s because of work or travel, cat parents usually have to leave their fur babies home alone. Though cats are recognized as independent creatures, they have needs like any other pet. From food to play, cats are not entirely self-sufficient. Let’s also not forget that the litter box isn’t likely going to clean itself! Fear not, your local cat sitter in Columbus, Ohio can help!

Read on for seven reasons you should hire a Columbus, Ohio cat sitter.

Why You Need a Cat Sitter

As mentioned, cats tend to be self-sufficient. But they also need us more than we think! Consider the following reasons you and your kitty could benefit from cat sitting services:

1. Injury or illness can be addressed immediately.

While it’s unlikely we’d imagine our pet getting sick or injured while we are out of the house, it is a genuine possibility. Cats can get numerous illnesses that sometimes require immediate medical attention. If you’re out of the home, even for just a day, and your kitty shows signs of illness or is injured, your cat sitter can address the problem ASAP. This increases the likelihood of a more efficient recovery.

2. Separation anxiety no more!

Your cat might not seem phased that you’re going away, but there’s a good possibility that it causes them stress and/or sadness. They may yowl at you while you get ready to leave the house or urinate outside their litter box when you are out. If you notice any of these behaviors, this is likely a result of separation anxiety. Consider signing up for professional cat sitting services and this problem could be mitigated.

3. Feeding routines stay consistent.

Your cat’s overall health depends heavily on their feeding routine. Free feeding, which involves leaving large portions of food out for grazing, is generally frowned upon by experts. Also, an automatic feeder isn’t always reliable. While automatic feeders help with portion control and scheduling, they can sometimes stop working or break. A cat sitter helps your cat to maintain a consistent, organized, and healthy feeding schedule in your absence.

4. Litter boxes are always clean.

Nothing is more annoying than returning home to find a fresh turd in the front hallway or a pee-stained rug in the living room. This is probably because your cat’s litter box is filthy! Cats are notorious for being meticulous groomers and prefer to stay clean and fresh, so it’s instinctive they stay away from a dirty box. It’s one thing if your kitty is toilet-trained, or if you have a litter box that cleans itself automatically. Otherwise, your best bet is to book a cat sitter so that clean litter is maintained. This can curb kitty frustration, as well as prevent accidents from happening throughout your home.

5. Your cat can get playtime and physical activity.

Cats need to engage in physical activity daily for optimal psychological and physical health. If you’re gone throughout the day, your kitty may mostly sleep. Although felines need their sleep, it is just as vital for them to move during the day. A cat sitter can encourage that movement when you’re not around.

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6. A cat sitter can give affection and companionship.

Although we often recognize cats as being independent and sometimes anti-social, the truth is that they need mental engagement and human love just like any other pet. While cat sitters provide necessities like food, water, and litter box cleaning, they also offer much needed human interaction until the cat’s favorite person returns home (you!). While tech devices (interactive toys and automatic feeders) can help cats be solo; at the end of the day, humans are better at meeting their emotional needs.

7. Cat parents need peace of mind.

A professional, dependable Columbus, Ohio cat sitter can deliver you the peace of mind that you deserve. Several cat parents may begin to feel bad about leaving their fur babies home alone so much, which primarily happens when there’s a significant life change at play (moving, starting a new job, etc.). With the help of a cat sitter, cat parents can rest assured that their feline friend is in good hands when they’re not around.

Hire a Trusted Columbus Cat Sitter

Again, cats are far more independent than dogs, but they have needs too. And if those aren’t adequately addressed, it can be detrimental to their overall well-being. When you can’t be there as often as you’d like, the caring staff at Hands N Paws provides a range of cat sitting services based on your feline friend’s needs.

If you live in Columbus, OH, and you are away at work all day or going out of town and need a helping hand, Hands N Paws is happy to help. We are in business to give our cat parents peace of mind while they’re away. To accomplish this, we treat every cat we work with as if it were our own!

It’s important that you’re always doing what’s best for your kitty while you continue to lead a busy life. Needless to say, hiring a cat sitter is always in both you and your cat’s best interest!

Benny DiFranco

Benny DiFranco

Hi! Thanks for reading this blog. I am the owner and founder of Columbus, Ohio's very own Hands N Paws. I started this business in 2018 with the purpose of giving more pet parents peace of mind. Looking forward to seeing you on the blog next time!

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