Getting Started

How do I apply to work at Hands N Paws?

To apply to join our team, please see Join Our Team. From there, you can fill out and submit an application for the position you’re interested in. Please make sure to check your email immediately upon submitting your app so that way you can continue moving through our hiring process!

What does the hiring process involve?

There are several steps in our hiring process, all of which vary depending on the position you’re applying for. In general, the process includes:

  1. Submit your application and receive automated follow-up email.
  2. [24-48 hrs] Receive email to schedule your virtual interview.
  3. Complete virtual interview.
  4. [24-48 hrs] Receive email to schedule your field interview.
  5. Complete field interview.
  6. [ASAP] Receive offer email.
  7. Should you accept the offer, we’ll share a link to kickoff the new hire onboarding process! 🎉

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