Puppy Care

Specialized services for your new puppy


Reinforce Training

Long work hours and crazy life schedules can definitely get in the way of keeping your puppy well-mannered. We help reinforce training commands while you’re away, so your puppy doesn’t skip a beat! 

Energy Release

After a long day at work, the last thing you want to come home to is a puppy with TONS of energy to expend! We provide the energy release that your puppy needs for both you and the little one to stay happy & content.

Better Socialization

We believe in the exposure approach: the more often you expose your puppy to social settings, the more socially adept he’ll become. We provide great socialization through puppy playtime & walks!

Relief for Both

We know your busy life is going to make you feel guilty about leaving your new puppy home alone. That’s why we’re in business! To relieve you of guilt and relieve your puppy of… ya know… full bladders!

Your puppy is your new child!

Your new puppy comes with many new responsibilities, and we’re here to help!

He needs constant love, attention, and potty breaks; he also needs good socialization, and never too much alone time. We work to relieve the stress and guilt that comes with being a new puppy parent, all while contributing to your pup’s overall health & happiness!

Quick Drop In/Walk

10-15 minutes

Perfect for the pup who just needs a quick walk or visit to relieve himself and get some energy out. A team member can also provide playtime, feeding, water refresh, and anything else upon request.


This rate applies for up to 1 puppy.
Add $4 per additional puppy.

Standard Drop In/Walk

30 minutes

Perfect for the pup who needs a solid walk or visit while you’re gone. In addition, we can provide playtime, feeding, water refresh, medicine administration, and anything else requested in this time.

Receive our Vacation Discount if requesting ten or more consecutive days of visits. ($20/drop in)


This rate applies for up to 1 puppy.
Add $4 per additional puppy.

Long Drop In/Walk

50-60 minutes

We can gladly stay awhile with your puppy! We can provide a walk, frequent potty breaks, playtime, feeding, water refresh, medicine administration, and more. Just ask!

Receive our Vacation Discount if requesting seven or more consecutive days of visits. ($25/drop in)


This rate applies for up to 1 puppy.
Add $4 per additional puppy.


We have answers!

What days/times do you provide puppy care?
We provide puppy care every day of the year from 7AM – 7PM.
Do you walk puppies in inclement weather?

With caution! We make sure that temps (with wind chill) stay in a range of 35-80 F. If temps fall outside this range, we still attempt to conduct walks, but with caution and making sure dogs are comfortable at all times.

Do you walk puppies in rainy weather?

We do conduct walks in rainy weather! We’ll come equipped with towels, an umbrella, and any other necessary rain gear. Pups get wiped with a dry towel upon re-entering their homes, so as to not track in any mud.

Is there a limit to how many visits I can request a day?
Nope! We work to create a custom care plan for your puppy because we understand that puppies require a little more time, love, and patience to grow into healthy and happy adult dogs. So, request as many puppy care services as you’d like!
How many times a day would you recommend my puppy be let out?

It’s found that puppies should be let out with the time relating to their age in months (up to one year). For example, if your puppy is 1 month old, he/she should be let out every hour. At 2 months, every 2 hours; at 3 months, every 3 hours, and so on.

Will I get the same puppy care provider every time?
While we do try to match you with a primary care provider from the start, it is not possible to guarantee one person is available for services every time you schedule with us. This is why we ask that you fill out your profile in Precise Petcare very thoroughly so that anyone from the team is able to take over without trouble or confusion. Also, if an emergency were to arise with your primary care provider, we still want to be able to make it over; hence, we’ll just send out another person from the team.
Does my puppy need to be fully vaccinated and up-to-date on shots for you to work with him/her?

Yes, please! This is a requirement for any pets we work with so as to prevent risks if a sitter were to get scratched or bitten.

Why do you have a separate service for puppies?

We realize that being a new puppy parent can be a lot! We provide services that are customizable to your puppy’s need to help keep them on track to becoming a happy and healthy adult dog. We provide leash training help as well as reinforcement with training commands while working with your puppy. Have a special request? Just ask and we’ll see how we can assist!


Hands N Paws is Columbus, Ohio’s trusted in-home pet care company providing custom services to pets and peace of mind to their parents. We are advocates for pets to stay in the comforts of their own home while you’re away- no kennel or boarding offered.

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