Have you ever met a dog that instantly makes you feel loved and protected? A pup with such a great smile and pep in his step that even your tail starts to wag a little bit when you see them? If you’ve ever spent time with Rocky, you know exactly what we’re talking about! Rocky is always adorably upbeat, fiercely loyal, and has such a handsome smile, that we can’t help but celebrate him (and his recent 12th birthday!) in our July 2020 pet spotlight. Congratulations, buddy!

Spending time with Rocky is always such a treat. His perky and excited attitude is seriously contagious! On walks, Rocky is the type to keep pace with you and stick right by your side at all times. What a sweetheart! On days when he is especially excited for his walk (which is everyday, of course), Rocky adds a bit of a skip into his walk, that of which is PAWsitively delightful! And don’t think for a second that a little bit of bad weather, humid summer days, or even chilly rain is going to ruin Rocky’s FURbulous attitude. This old man is always outside living his best life no matter the weather conditions. What a trooper!

Even though Rocky is a PAWsome walking buddy, his excitement goes through the WOOF when he sees home. This good boy RUFFS his mom and his home so very much, and he makes sure to protect them from any and all dangers, especially the evil mailman and UPS guy… 

Rocky really is the ‘rock’ of his family and isn’t afraid to be an alpha dog in order to defend the people he cares about most. Let’s give a big round of aPAWS for Rocky’s truly inspirational strength and loyalty. We love you, big guy!

Here at Hands N Paws, we feel so aPAWreciative that we get to hang out with Rocky so often and help him live his best life! We hope we make him feel just as loved and protected as he makes us, and everyone in his life, feel. We WOOF you, Rocky, and we hope you get lots of treats and belly rubs for making our Pet Spotlight!!

Be sure to share this blog post with all your FURiends on social and stay tuned for the next feature!

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