What’s better than a nice long walk on a hot, sunny day? A nice, long walk with your best friends, of course! Ellie, Ariel, and Molly can brighten anyone’s day when they’re all together. This trio is sure to bring you smiles, laughs, and lots of cuddles, which is why we are SO excited to introduce them as our June 2020 Pet Spotlight. Congratulations, girls!

When you first meet these lovely ladies, their big beautiful bow ties may make you feel just a teensy weensy bit underdressed, but their sweet personalities will make you feel right at home in no time. Ariel is quick to plop down, rollover, and invite you to give her lots and lots and LOTS of belly rubs. Her tongue flopping out of her mouth really completes the look.

Ellie, though a bit shy at first, will warm up to anyone as long as she has a chew toy in her mouth as a source of comfort first! Sometimes she’ll even bring a toy on walks to help her anxiety and make her feel safe and secure. Tell us that isn’t the cutest dog-gone thing in the entire world!

What really makes us go MUTTS though, is how their differences melt away when they’re on a walk together. These girls are like two peas in a pod, and we can’t get enough of it! They are always side by side, sniffing the same bush, and excitedly eyeing the same squirrel (which, that squirrel should feel lucky that they’re so well-behaved; we all know how dogs normally react to squirrels!). This duo is seriously FUR-bulous!

As these two parade their way through the neighborhood with their PUP-tastic bowties and personalities, they collect ‘aww’s and ‘how cute!’s from all their FURiendly neighbors. Despite loving being out on the town and PUP streets of Cbus, they are always eager to relax and be together at home. As soon as we step foot in the door and their leashes are unclipped, they head right towards their water bowls and off to the couch to hang out together… #snugglebugs!

Hands N Paws loves these girls so FURRY much, and we especially appreciate their PAWsome sisterhood and loyalty to one another. It’s so inspiring and uplifting. We feel so lucky to have the opportunities to give them treats, take them on walks, and give them all the love we can… sorry, Ariel, we would give you belly rubs ALL day long if we could…! 

Be sure to share this blog post with all your FURiends on social and stay tuned for the next feature!

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