Everyday at Hands N Paws is filled with fun and excitement because we get to work and play with some of the most FURbulous pups in all of Ohio; and we are so grateful for that! The icing on the cake, though, is when our perfect little fur babies show love and appreciation right back at us. We are so excited to show off the furry friends who do just that. Congratulations to some of the happiest, sweetest, and most fun-loving pups ever, Kobe and Daisy, who are the feature of our Pet Spotlight this month! Congratulations pups! You deserve this!

Kobe is such a goofball and has a gift for making his walks fun and interesting from beginning to end! As soon as we walk through the door, Kobe gets all happy and jumpy, and gives us a big slobbery smile to let us know he is ready for one of his favorite activities- walking! This sweetheart has been having a ton of fun trampling through and diving into any leaf pile he can spot on our fall-filled walks; and seeing him happy makes us smile from ear-to-ear. What we love most about Kobe is that he wants to make sure that everyone is having fun on the walk, not just him! This guy loves to bite on his leash and get a light game of tug-of-war started with his walkers. Kobe isn’t one to take the game too seriously, though, and will probably get distracted by a delicious looking puddle (*slurp, slurp*) or his little sis, Daisy, who happens to join us on walks too.

Daisy is the cutest little pup (and sister!) ever. She just loves and looks up to her big brother so much! Though she isn’t quite as confident and outgoing as Kobe just yet, she loves to watch and follow his every move, just like any younger sibling would. If Kobe jumps in a leaf pile, Daisy follows. If Kobe decides he wants to drink from puddles instead of his water bowl, Daisy laps up rainwater right along with him. 

Just like Kobe, Daisy also makes sure her walks are as fun as can be, even if that means flopping down on the grass for a quick mid-walk belly rub. She’s not shy about asking Kobe for a little bit of playtime during walks either, often running and jumping around him until Kobe gives in and plays along. He can’t resist some puppy playtime with his little sis, and honestly, who could?! She’s the cutest!

As much fun as these two have together, Kobe makes sure to always set a good example for Daisy and has really taken on and owned his role of big brother. Kobe has a sweet wrinkly face, a big heart, and even bigger wise, sparkly, puppy dog eyes that show he is wise beyond his years. He owns his responsibility as a PAWfect role model and family man. His eyes tell us he’d do anything for his human family and sister pup, Daisy. 

We feel so lucky that we get to watch these fur babies grow together and be a part of their PAWsome lives. They give us so many reasons to laugh and smile every single day! Thank you Kobe and Daisy for making our smiles bigger, our days brighter, and our hearts ever-so fuller!

Be sure to share this blog post with all your FURiends on social and stay tuned for the next Pet Spotlight feature!

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