Here at Hands N Paws, we’re all about working as a team, supporting one another, and cheering each other on. So, it only seems fair that we shout out some PAWsome doggos that demonstrate those same things! 

With this, we are so excited to show off Buddy and Apollo for this edition of our Pet Spotlight! These two brothers RUFF each other very much and show it every day in endless ways! What’s funny is that Buddy and Apollo’s PAWsonalities couldn’t be more different… but that’s what makes their relationship so DOGgone special. They literally complete each other! 

Congratulations to the goodest boys ever for making this recent Pet Spotlight… well deserved!

Buddy’s energetic and ‘go get em’ attitude is sure to put a big ‘ole grin on your face. Just being around him is a blast! We go MUTTS whenever we see the excited smile (and the big, floppy tongue that hangs out of it!) that Buddy always gives us when we walk through the door to his home. Don’t be fooled, however, Buddy is more than just a handsome pup. He’s a gentleman, too! He tries his very hardest to be polite and sit still while we’re putting on his leash and harness; but sometimes his tail is wagging so hard that it makes his whole body wiggle like crazy! He’s a TOTAL goof and we love him for it! 

After he’s gotten all his zoomies out, Buddy likes to relax on the floor and cool down, that is, until it’s time for the hoo-man to leave. This precious pooch makes a point of standing at the door to watch every last inch of the hoo-man walk away til he or she is out of sight! Honestly, there’s nothing harder than closing the door on that adorable, wiggly cuddle-monster. 

I mean… Buddy, why do you have to be so stinkin’ FURbulous all the time? We can’t take it!

Apollo is equally as wiggly and fun-loving; and his sweet, quiet presence compliments Buddy’s endless enthusiasm just PAWfectly. While Buddy is racing around the yard, playing fetch or tug of war, you can find Apollo sunbathing in the grass looking like he belongs in a Purina ad. This sweet boy has the kindest eyes and the softest ears that we can’t help but rub, especially when he gives us those classic, sweet puppy-dog eyes. 

Apollo will sit patiently at your feet until you give him a pat on the head, or better yet, a belly rub. If there was an award for best snuggler, we have no doubts that Apollo would be a shoo-in for first place. Apollo’s love and kindness exudes and is PAWsitively contagious!

At the end of the day, what we love most about these puppers is their love for each other. Despite their differences, they’re two peas in a pod! On walks, you’ll find Buddy and Apollo walking in sync and sniffing the same trees. Buddy is always so gentle with his brother, whether they’re playing, sharing toys, or just getting a little snuggle time in on the couch. Oh, and if there’s one thing they definitely agree on, it’s that brush gloves are the SHIZnit! 

This FURbulous pair can truly teach us all a little something about brotherly love, and we’re always here for it!

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