Here at Hands N Paws, we don’t just walk dogs around the streets of Columbus; we learn and grow with them too, and it’s honestly one of the most rewarding parts of the job! Hence, we are shining January’s Pet Spotlight on a fur baby we have watched grow from a crazy, little ball of fuzz into the confident and handsome goofball he is today. Madrox, congratulations on your Pet Spotlight! You deserve it! 

We started working with Madrox when he was just a few months old and we can now confidently say that he has grown into those big fluffy ears of his! While Madrox doesn’t stumble over his big ole’ puppy paws as much as he used to, he is still very much a puppy at heart, and his excitement for a good walk and playtime is contagious. By the time we walk in the door, this silly pup is already talking to us with his moans, ready for his walk and playtime! Once Madrox is out of his crate and has stretched out his legs, he’s ready to show off those zoomies. As soon as that harness is on and the door is open, Madrox will take off like the wind, bounding through the grass as far as his leash will let him. When he was just a wee little puppy, he’d get so ahead of himself with excitement that he’d take a tumble in the grass. Now that he’s a grown boy, he usually just turns around and gives us a look that says ‘Isn’t it fun out here? C’mon!!’ before bounding off again, completely unfazed. It’s PAWsitively hilarious!

When Madrox is outside, he’s on a mission to make friends (even with bugs on the ground!). You would think that his big ole’ smile and beautiful blue eyes would make this an easy task; but for some reason, none of the birds or squirrels seem to trust Madrox. At least they give a good chase! When this goofball isn’t befriending the wildlife, you can usually find him fetching sticks and pine cones like there’s no tomorrow. If you don’t think pine cones are the world’s best toy, maybe you need to spend a day with Madrox and he’ll prove just how much fun they can be. We’d even go so far as to say that he sometimes likes playing with pine cones more than his actual dog chew toys! He’s so silly!

Madrox has a huge heart and a special talent for making us feel like family whenever we come by for a walk. This guy has grown from a hyper, nippy little pup, who was too shy to leave the house without a toy in his mouth, into a big, lovable furball who just wants to jump up for a hug the moment we let him out of his cage upon arriving at his house. Madrox is a keystone both in his own family and in the HNP family as well. We feel so incredibly lucky that we have gotten to grow up with you, Madrox! Keep being your goofy, excitable, lovable self. Thank you FURRY much for putting a smile on our faces every single day!

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